Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lady Aresa Necklace

Lady Aresa looked out of her window, into her garden below. The flowers are in full bloom. "Spring is finally here!" she exclaimed excitedly. The flowers were a new specimen invented by the local gardeners, and they had named it her in honour. Lady Aresa bulbs, they are called.

All through the bitterly cold winter, Lady Aresa had spent her days sewing tiny glass beads and pearls together to make a beaded version of the Lady Aresa bulbs.

28 fully in bloom beaded flowers and 22 bulbs were sewed together to form a netted necklace, with a vine-like chain and knot fastening. To complement the mint green flowers and baby blue bulbs, Lady Aresa had specially added a periwinkle blue teardrop swarovski crystal at the tip of the netted design.

Lady Aresa put on her necklace happily. It matched very well with her lace dress. Satisfied, she left for her very 1st spring tea party of the year.

Price: USD$99
Available at: Lady TanTan etsy shop

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